Finding a Rental

The Bozeman area has quite a few short term vacation rentals.  You will find the most listings on the websites: "" and "

For Long Term Rentals - 
One of the biggest inventory of rentals in Bozeman is Craigslist Bozeman and look under Apts/Housing For Rent.  There can be an occasional scam rental posting where they want you to wire transfer rent or deposits because they are out of town at the moment.  Don't ever do that.  SCAM  Always meet the owner/landlord in person and write a paper check for rent.  Rental rates in Bozeman are averaging $700 to $800 per bedroom whether it is a single family home, condo or townhome.  It the rent looks too good to be true, do your homework to make sure it is legitimate. 

Check the Facebook pages:  "Bozeman Rentals" and "Housing/Property For Sale Or Rent in Montana" 

Here are some of the most popular rental companies in Bozeman.  Many times their available properties are not listed on other web sites.  Give them a call or emial for what you are looking for.