Finding a Rental

The Bozeman area has quite a few short term vacation rentals (less than 30 days).  You will find these listings on the websites: and

For Long Term Rentals (more than 30 days) - 
Bozeman has had a 0% rental vacancy rate for about 4 years now.  Rental rates have risen $100 a year over the last 4 years as 10,000 people have moved to our valley in the last 4 years.  2019 looks closer to 3,500 new people here.  There is no easy answer to finding a good rental other diligent, hard work.  

One of the biggest inventory of rentals in Bozeman is Craigslist Bozeman and look under Apts/Housing For Rent.  Good rentals may only be posted for a matter of hours and the landlord will have 10 - 15 inquiries and take the post down.  Be diligent and check Craigslist 2 or 3 times a day.  There can be an occasional scam rental posting on Craigslist where they want you to wire transfer rent or deposits because they are out of town at the moment.  Don't ever do that.  SCAM  Always meet the owner/landlord in person, review the rental contract first and write a paper check for rent.  You can verify the owner's name online at Montana Cadastral or Gallatin Property Taxes.  Also beware of someone texting or emailing you back and asking you to click on a link for more information  - this can download spyware to your device.  Or asking you to reply to an email address not published on the rental site.

National websites like Zillow, Trulia and also display rentals.  Many rentals from a private person tend to get listed here if you don't want to go through a rental agency.  The same scams as Craigslist can happen on these sites as well.  A scammer will photo copy a "For Sale" listing and offer it for rent way below market rates.  Meet the landlord in person and never wire transfer any money.  You can verify the owner's name online at Montana Cadastral or Gallatin County Property Taxes

There are some national online rental sites that also have listings for Bozeman/ Belgrade like,,,, and

Most rentals will ask for a 1-year lease.  Some may rent month to month with a higher monthly rent.  Pets usually require an extra month of deposit and $30 - $50 per month more.  Rental rates in Bozeman are running $700 - $800 per bedroom per month and in Belgrade $450 - $600 per bedroom per month.

Check the Facebook pages:  "Bozeman Rentals", "Housing/Property For Sale Or Rent in Montana" and Facebook Marketplace. 

The HRDC administers most of the affordable, lower-income rentals and energy assistance programs in the valley.  Contact them to see if there is a program that you may qualify for.  Here is their link  HRDC Affordable Housing

Drive around the neighborhood you'd like to live in.  Many times landlords put a "For Rent" sign in the yard instead of an online posting.

And many times, rentals get filled just by word of mouth knowing someone that is moving out.  Put the word out to everyone you know you are looking for a rental.

Here are some of the most popular rental companies in Bozeman.  Many times their available properties are not advertised on other web sites, only within their company and some have waiting lists.  Most will ask you to submit your rental application online.  Be sure and follow up by phone to verify they received your application.  Good rentals can be competitive to secure.

If you would like to add your property management company to my list, email me your information.  Thank You.