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HRDC Breaks Ground On New Year Round Warming Center

Posted by Mark L. Corner on April 15, 2022 in  Warming Center
HRDC broke ground on their new Warming Center that will provide year-round services to those experiencing homelessness.  The new facility is being built on Griffin Drive.Right now, the warming center is in an old motel building off of Wheat Dr.  The Gallatin County Food Bank is in an old garage off of N Rouse Ave.  And the Fork & Spoon Restaurant is on N 7th Ave.The new campus will combine all 3 of these services on one site eliminating the need for guests at the warming center to have to ride St... read more

Why Housing Prices May Not Drop In The Next Recession

Posted by Mark L. Corner on March 16, 2022 in  Recession
I have shared three articles below from Keeping Current Matters that talk about, 1. Some economists are starting to talk about a recession in the next two years (which I agree with) but why home prices are not likely to decline this time as they did in the recession of 2008 - 2010, 2. Home prices have actually gone up in 3 of the last 5 recessions showing that home prices are not always affected negatively during recessions, 3. Why we won't see a wave of foreclosures in the next recession.We had a glut of homes for... read more

Licensed Septic Installers with Gallatin County

Posted by Mark L. Corner on March 13, 2022 in  Septic Systems
Here is a list of licensed septic system installers for Gallatin County.... read more

Bozeman Airport Sets Passenger Record for 2021

Posted by Mark L. Corner on January 12, 2022 in  Bozeman Airport Information
The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport set a passenger boarding record for 2021 with almost 2 million passengers.  The previous record was in 2019 with 1.57 million passengers and 2021 topped that with 1.94 million passengers.  And the Bozeman airport accounted for 40% of all airline traffic for the whole state of Montana.  The 3 biggest airlines were Delta with 520,000 passengers, United with 496,300 and Alaska Air with 305,315 passengers.  This record number of passengers was helped by ... read more
Gallatin County Courts Building Bond:Gallatin County is proposing a $29 million dollar bond issue to build a new court building on the Law & Justice Center campus.  Bozeman residents are also county residents so Bozeman city voters will see this on their city ballot as well.  The median price of a home in Bozeman is $592,000 so this will increase property taxes by $39.66 per year. Community Housing 10 Year Levy:Housing continues to be a priority for Bozeman. The Community Housing Levy would create a d... read more