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So many people like to point the finger at greedy landlords raising rents in Bozeman for the lack of affordable housing.  It actually has nothing to do with Bozeman but national trends that are happening to most every city across America.1. We have a national housing supply shortage.    A. People are staying in their homes longer.  10 - 12 year compared to 7 years.    B. When people buy a new home, instead of selling their old home, they are keeping it as a         ... read more
The Bozeman City Commission will put a ballot measure on the November ballot to increase property taxes by $60 a year for the average home ($582,450) to help fund affordable housing.  They are proposing a 7 mill levy over the next 8 years that would raise an estimated $10 million or $1.25 million per year.  The state legislature pass a new law this year banning what's called Inclusionary Zoning that required developers to sell a certain percentage of their homes at an affordable price.  This proposed... read more