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A Two Month Moving Checklist

Posted by Mark L. Corner on July 28, 2021 in  Moving Checklist
The Great ReShuffel: Follow this two-month checklist to keep your move on track. GUSTAVO GONZALEZJUL 15, 2021 SHARE The following is a guest post by Laura McHolm, Chief of Organized Living & NorthStar Moving Company Co-Founder    The pandemic stay-at-home protocols forced us to reevaluate our homes and where we live. Questions about our home size, needing a home office long term and thoughts of relocation to more affordable cities or closer to family were on the minds of many durin... read more
The Bozeman City Commission will put a ballot measure on the November ballot to increase property taxes by $60 a year for the average home ($582,450) to help fund affordable housing.  They are proposing a 7 mill levy over the next 8 years that would raise an estimated $10 million or $1.25 million per year.  The state legislature pass a new law this year banning what's called Inclusionary Zoning that required developers to sell a certain percentage of their homes at an affordable price.  This proposed... read more