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Tech Giants Looking At Coming To Bozeman Main Photo

Tech Giants Looking At Coming To Bozeman

Posted: November 01, 2020 by Mark Corner

Bozeman has been seeing a steady stream of people moving to here with newer video technology allowing people to collaborate and work from home and COVID concerns.  Why not have your home in Bozeman instead of all the problems that come with larger west coast cities?

The newest trend we are seeing in Bozeman is major corporations and tech giants looking to open an office in Bozeman.  Amazon is looking at land out by 4 Corners to open a fulfillment center.  Montana is one of only 10 states that Amazon doesn't have a fulfillment center in and this location could fill in a key piece of their distribution network.

Google and travel giant Expedia are also looking at opening offices in the Bozeman area.  This past year, many corporate headquarters in large cities have seen interruptions to their operations from protests, riots, vandalism, COVID-19 outbreaks, over crowded medial facilities and other economic disruptions.  The old saying of, "Don't have all your eggs in one basket" is now true for tech giant headquarters.  They are down sizing or closing their corporate headquarters in 18 story high rises and spreading their corporate staff out across the U.S. in 5 to 7 different locations to better insulate them from crisis's in the larger cities.

Corporate staff doesn't have to all work in the same building anymore with technologies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Ring Central and others.  How much easier would it be to hire staff in Bozeman, MT with clean air and millions of acres of public land for year round recreation.  And with Bozeman International Airport having non-stop service to 22 cities, it makes business travel very easy.  And Bozeman may be adding Southwest Airlines this coming summer.

Bozeman may soon be seeing population jumps of several thousand at a time as these tech giants look at relocating some of their operations here in addition to people moving here one at a time.

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