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New Town & Country Grocery Store Main Photo

New Town & Country Grocery Store

Posted: March 18, 2023 by Mark L. Corner

Residents on the west side of Bozeman are getting a new grocery store.  Town & Country Foods has been planning a west-side store for a few years now.  They finally broke ground last fall on 4 acres of land on the north end of Ferguson Farms between Fallon St and Field St just to the north of Sidewinders, Foxtrot & Tanglewood.  The store is planned to be 38,000 sqft and a similar design to their S 11th Ave store.  The opening date will likely be early 2024.  Once this store is open, they may do something different with their store on 19th Ave & Beall St.  Ferguson Farms is also developing more of their land with a mixed-use emphasis to the east of Sidewinders, Foxtrot & Tanglewood starting this spring.

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