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Bozeman Voters to See 4 Tax Increase Issues on Their Fall Ballots Main Photo

Bozeman Voters to See 4 Tax Increase Issues on Their Fall Ballots

Posted: October 15, 2021 by Mark L. Corner

Gallatin County Courts Building Bond:
Gallatin County is proposing a $29 million dollar bond issue to build a new court building on the Law & Justice Center campus.  Bozeman residents are also county residents so Bozeman city voters will see this on their city ballot as well.  The median price of a home in Bozeman is $592,000 so this will increase property taxes by $39.66 per year.

Community Housing 10 Year Levy:
Housing continues to be a priority for Bozeman. The Community Housing Levy would create a dedicated funding source to develop and support attainable housing for the Bozeman community. Currently the City of Bozeman relies on funding through the budget process and the general fund, which can change year to year and also funds critical services like police, fire, etc. If approved the levy would be a tool to support projects like the many successful partnership projects that have been completed in Bozeman.

7 mills x current mill value = $54.88/year based on of the median home price in Bozeman of $592,000.
Fire Station 2 Relocation Bond:
The existing Fire Station 2 was built in 1974. With the continued growth of Bozeman the existing facility no longer fits the needs of an expanding staff and increasing community needs. If passed the City of Bozeman has the opportunity to enter into a long-term lease on land owned by Montana State University and relocate Station 2 to better serve the southern part of Bozeman.

$2.2 million bond = $11.13/year based on the median home price in Bozeman of $592,000.
Facilities Renovation Bond:
The Bogert Pool, Bozeman Swim Center, and Lindley Center are all community assets that are experiencing deferred maintenance and in need of improvements for continued use. If passed the bonds would go toward resurfacing and sealing Bogert Pool, new air filtration system and gutter replacement at the Bozeman Swim Center, and upgrades to the Lindley Center including accessibility.

$6.7 million bond = $30.69/year based on the median home price in Bozeman of $592,000.
The total cost to property owners for all four issues = $136.36/year based on the median home price in Bozeman of $592,000.
Registered voters will be voting by mail for this election and ballots are expected to be mailed out today, October 13, 2021. Municipal elections have been conducted by mail since 2009. Voters who were registered prior to October 4, 2021 should expect to receive their ballot in the mail up to four days from the date of ballots being mailed out. Voters who are not yet registered can register up until noon on November 1, 2021 in person with the Gallatin County Elections Department (Gallatin County Courthouse, 311 W Main St.)

Thanks to Bozeman Magazine for some of the data in this article.

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