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Bozeman City Commission Proposes 3 New Bond Issues to Raise The Cost of Housing in Bozeman! Main Photo

Bozeman City Commission Proposes 3 New Bond Issues to Raise The Cost of Housing in Bozeman!

Posted: September 30, 2021 by Mark L. Corner

The Bozeman City Commission put 3 bond issues on the fall ballot to make housing and rent less affordable in Bozeman! All 3 bond issues will increase property taxes by an estimated $87 per year on the average home in Bozeman. If you are renting and the landlord's tax bill goes up, guess what - rent goes up. If you own your own home and have a mortgage, your monthly escrow payments are going up to cover the increase in property taxes. And if you own your home outright, your property taxes are going up likely without any increase in your income.

The city is proposing a $6.7 million dollar bond issue to relocate fire station #2 from S 19th Ave to Kagy Blvd beside the Museum of the Rockies.  A $2.2 million dollar bond issue to renovate the Lindley Center, Bogart Pool & the Bozeman Swim Center.  And a community housing bond issue that would cost up to $1.1 million dollars per year for 10 years, $10 million dollars over 9 years.  All totaled, $18.9 million dollars of new spending.

There are approximately 21,000 homes in Bozeman.  Even the community housing bond issue, which it's purpose is to make more affordable housing or provide housing assistance to those that need it, it will raise taxes on 99% of the homes in Bozeman to possibly benefit a small handful of people.

It would be a welcome surprise by the Bozeman City Commission to actually make a financial decision that would lower the cost of housing for everyone and not make it more expensive to live here.  The city has tried for years with the state legislature to add a city sales tax and to increase the gasoline tax.  How about proposing a tax reduction by tightening the city's financial belt rather than make the belt bigger and bigger?

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